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Meet Dori Kelner

Dori Kelner is a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator and credentialed mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher. She trains individuals to show up to their personal and professional lives with greater presence and compassion. As principal of Insightful Culture, Dori teaches mindfulness as a way to cultivate awareness and connection, allowing us to change our relationship with the people and stressors around us each day.

Dori has been a tech leader for 40 years in the IT space, managing time-critical data collection, reporting, and warehousing efforts to address national social services initiatives. As an entrepreneur for the past 16 years of her career, Dori has supported nonprofit organizations in strengthening their web presence, operations, and communication strategies. Dori now devotes all her time to teaching mindfulness and yoga programs, bringing to her practice her direct experience coping with stress, burnout, and anxiety.

With significant expertise in team building, mentorship, project management, and change management, Dori is sensitive to the societal need for accessibility, diversity, and inclusion awareness. Dori is an empathetic listener who innately understands the human need for well-being. Her teachings embody the spirit that everyone has the capacity for tuning into present moment awareness and the benefits it provides.

She has been a speaker for many years at tech conferences on the topics of web strategy, mental health, and team collaboration. She most recently participated on a keynote panel about being human in tech, and provided a preconference interactive session on mindfulness for social advocacy to the Women’s Summit Experience 2020. She regularly leads classes and workshops in mindfulness and yoga.

Dori holds an MS degree in management from the University of Maryland Global Campus, and an AB in liberal arts from Cornell University. She is credentialed to teach mindfulness-based stress reduction by the Mindfulness Center at Brown University’s School of Public Health, certified in workplace mindfulness facilitation by Mindful Leader, and is a certified yoga teacher. Dori is a volunteer with Mindful Leader’s Meditate Together initiative, a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) leadership forum, an officer for her Cornell alumni class, and an organizer for several yearly conferences in the medical and tech spaces.

Dori Kelner, MS
Principal, Insightful Culture