Sit down and ask yourself – What do you really want to do?

Meet Renee Purcell

Moment to Moment Awareness

Renee Purcell is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in transformation, stress & burnout, and work-life balance. As the owner and principal of True Synergy Coaching, Renee has developed and facilitates mindfulness-based online and in-person programs and workshops. Renee is trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction through the University of Massachusetts. Renee’s experience as a life coach and mindfulness instructor, coupled with 20 years as an advance practice nurse created the foundation for True Synergy Coaching.

Renee’s Story

Renee is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing with a master’s degree as Clinical Nurse Specialist in community health and as a Nurse Educator. Her diverse healthcare background poised her to be the expert communicator, educator, facilitator, and coach she is today. Renee Purcell has worked personally and professionally since 2012 at developing resiliency and life balance. She uses mindfulness, yoga, meditative techniques, coaching, and inspiration to help others find their True Self.

“I have been a nurse for 20 years and I hold a master’s degree as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and a master’s degree as a Nurse Educator. I have excelled to the position of a Level 1 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher (MBSR) trained at UMass and Brown University as well as a Registered Yoga instructor trained in Hatha. I’ve studied and practiced mindfulness, personal development, and self-care for the last 8 years. I’m a certified professional coach and member of the ICF, specializing in work-life balance and stress management. I am a mother and wife and enjoy hula hooping, cooking, camping, boating, and time with my family.”

Renee’s life challenges
(in her own words)

It wasn’t always this way. In retrospect I experienced burned out at various times throughout my career. After the last round of stress and weariness I knew I needed to make a change unlike anything I had done before.

I had changed positions several times throughout my 20 years of nursing, each time searching for a position that satisfied my work goals, presented minimal stress, and allowed time for me and my spiritual and emotional needs. Eventually I landed my “dream job” – the one I had worked for my whole career. I was an Associate Professor of Nursing on the tenure track, yet I was miserable. I was working insane hours and was completely out of touch with myself, my family, and my purpose.

What happened next presented a series of tragically perfect events that snapped me out of the self-induced mental and emotional prison I was in. I had two significant deaths within two weeks of each other; both sudden and unexpected. Simultaneously, I was enrolled in a course as part of my PhD work requiring me to author a paper outlining my personal credo and how it guided my leadership practice. In that moment I realized that my values did not align with my life in its current state. I needed to get my priorities straight!

Monumental loss has a way of changing people and in the wake of these tragedies, I took pause. It was in that moment I knew I couldn’t continue living the life I was living. I had finally allowed myself time to ask,

What do I really want?

What do I truly value?

I had been satisfying an idea of myself that others rewarded and that I thought I wanted to be. When I took the time to connect with my true self, my values, and my purpose I understood why I was so unhappy. Initially, I did not know what to do. All I knew was that something needed to change.

Leaving the tenure track professorship and my PhD program behind me, I came home to both the true me and my family. I completed training as a yoga instructor, became a life coach, and deepened my hooping and mindfulness practices. I found peace, balance, and purpose.

Living a life of balance and intention is not achieved once and done. It is a lifelong pursuit that requires attention and intent. In addition to my coaching and teaching career, I continue to work on my personal goals and development, constantly deepening and adding to my own repertoire of tools to bring to my practice and my clients.

My mission as your coach

I want to help you initially discover or re-discover your true self. We will work together to reconnect with the values and goals most important to you, your vision, your dreams, and your happiness. True synergy is about contacting and connecting with your true self. Together we will develop tools and strategies to create a balance of life and work and ultimately, the true you!